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Here's how to Zoom for a remote Thanksgiving holiday

With health experts warning against large in-person family gatherings this holiday season due to COVID-19 spikes, many of you will look to connect with loved ones remotely over Thanksgiving. To do its part, Zoom recently announced that for 30 hours encompassing Thanksgiving Day in all U.S. time zones starting at midnight, it will remove the 40-minute time limits on teleconferences for free accounts.

Though the service has been around for some time, Zoom was still relatively new to lots of people, notably older adults, when I wrote a how-to-stay-connected via Zoom primer for AARP back in May. For all the folks who have gotten comfortable using Zoom since then, my assumption is there are still many of you who haven’t Zoomed yet and need help.

If you're among those Zoom newbies, click the link above to read that since updated AARP piece. And fire off any additional questions you may have.

With that, let me wish you and yours a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

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