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iPhone launch or Amazon Prime Day? You choose

Tech enthusiasts have already marked October 13 on their calendars. For next Tuesday is the date when Apple is widely expected to unveil the latest iPhones, four models at that if rumors prove correct. Invitations to Apple's latest virtual "special" event went out earlier today with the words "Hi, Speed" providing a not so subtle clue that the iPhone 12s (or whatever they're called) will be compatible with fast emerging 5G networks.

October 13 also happens to be Amazon Prime Day, when the eCommerce titan promises "epic" deals exclusive to Prime members, on electronics, fashion, home and kitchen items and more. I'll reserve judgment on the "epic" aspect of such deals--in the past it has been hit or miss. But Amazon's annual shopping holiday always generates, well, prime interest among online bargain hunters.

If you haven't signed up yet, regular yearly membership to Prime costs $119.

The biggest Prime Day discounts are typically reserved for Amazon's own devices, including Ring cameras, Echo speakers, Kindle eBook readers and Fire TV, though bargains can found with other brands.

All will hardly be lost if your main focus next Tuesday is on Apple. That's because you'll still have time poke around Amazon. Truth is Prime Day could actually be called Prime Two Days, since Amazon is extending its shop-fest to October 14. Or maybe even Prime Week since Amazon is already posting some early Prime deals.

No matter how good the Prime discounts are this time around, don't expect any sweet deals from Amazon (or Apple) on the brand new iPhones. But maybe, just maybe, you'll be able to get a steal on an older model.

So which October 13 event will you paying most attention to? Email:; Follow @edbaig on Twitter


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