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New Macs expected at next Apple `special event' Nov 10: What do you want to see?

What is the “one more thing” Apple plans to announce at its next virtual special event on Nov. 10? And will it be just one more thing?

Fresh off the recent launch of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro’s Apple is at it again.

The smart money is we'll see brand new Macs with Apple’s own ARM-based silicon, a departure from the Intel chips that have been inside Apple’s computer for a decade and a half. Whether the new chips will be in new iMacs desktops, MacBook Pro laptops or other models remains to be seen. I’d also expect Apple to formally launch macOS Big Sur at the same; the operating system has been in beta for awhile.

Might there be something else? New AirPods? Apple’s long rumored rival to Tile location trackers? Something totally out of left field? I’m not predicting there will be but I don't completely dismiss the possibility either.

In the meantime, what do you all expect to see from Apple? Or want to see?


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