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Still don't know how to use Zoom? Start here

Unless you had used Zoom for work, I'd venture to say that many of you who've turned to the increasingly popular video conferencing platform during COVID 19 had never even heard of Zoom prior to the pandemic. Now of course you're relying on Zoom (and yes other video services too) for remote family/friend check-ins, happy hours, fitness classes, weddings, religious ceremonies and a lot more, fueling a boom that has seen the service jump from about 10 million “daily participants" last December to 300 million in April.

If you find yourself though still somewhat intimated by the prospect of joining a Zoom meeting or even hosting one, I recommend you start with this AARP primer I wrote. It covers the basics, from the differences between a free and premium Zoom account to choosing a virtual background when you're on a call. Before long be "zooming" with the best of them.


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