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Tom Brady outlasts Blockbuster, Circuit City, Radio Shack and other Super Bowl advertisers

There are numerous ways to validate Tom Brady’s standing as the GOAT of professional football. The most obvious comes with Brady’s seven Super Bowl titles, and that at age 43 the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback won a Lombardi Trophy after leaving Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots.

But it is an off-the-field nugget making the rounds on social media that puts Brady’s longevity, and greatness, in perspective. It’s a list of some of the advertisers during Brady’s first Super Bowl appearance in 2002 (when the underdog Pats beat the St. Louis Rams). Many were once prominent tech or retail brands that have since disappeared into the history books. A few are still around, though their statures are diminished. And all the names on the list are likely to bring a twinge of nostalgia, or at the very least make you feel just a little bit old.

Here goes:



Circuit City


Gateway Computers

Radio Shack


VoiceStream Wireless


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