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Apple to resume `live' Today at Apple sessions for learning iPhone, iPad and Mac skills at home

In the spring of 2017, Apple launched dozens of free hands-on educational sessions inside Apple Stores called Today at Apple, helping customers visiting the stores learn coding or discover photo techniques, among other topics. Such in-person sessions were obviously put on hold some three years later when Apple Stores were closed due to Covid. Apple subsequently launched a few virtual programming sessions over video called Today at Apple at Home, but didn’t resume live sessions when even when the stores re-opened in some limited capacity.

Starting today, Apple is resuming live Today at Apple sessions, though they’ll still be conducted virtually over Webex, and you’ll have to register in advance. The number of participants per session will max out at 250.

These latest one-hour sessions are designed around teaching “product skills,” specifically for iPhone, iPad and Mac newbies, though existing customers may pick up a tip or two as well, particularly around staying productive while working from at home. You'll be able to use a chat function to ask questions but won’t be able to ask out loud.

Sessions will not be recorded, but Apple is offering four sessions per week in the U.S. for each product skill at varied times to accommodate people on different schedules.

The program is expected to last until September. You can check the schedule and register here.

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