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Edward C. Baig

Ed Baig is one of America’s most influential and respected consumer-focused tech journalists, with relationships at the highest level of leading technology companies and startups. 


Ed was the long-time Personal Tech columnist at USA TODAY where he reviewed every important new tech product to emerge during the past two decades, from the original iPhone to the Amazon Kindle. 


Ed also has weighed in on emerging tech trends and industry news, covering  the culture of tech, the impact of artificial intelligence on society, 5G, ambient computing, robotics, family tech, senior tech, privacy and security.


Prior to joining USA TODAY, Ed was on the editorial staffs of Business Week, US News & World Report and Fortune.  He has also most recently started contributing to AARP.


Ed has authored Macs For Dummies (Wiley), Palm Pre: The Missing Manual (OReilly Media) and co-authored iPhone For Dummies (Wiley) and iPad For Dummies (Wiley).


Most recently, Ed has been a Guest Industry Advisor at BJ Fogg's Stanford Behavior Design Lab.

He also makes frequent appearances on television, radio and podcasts, and has been a moderator at numerous tech trade shows.

Edward Baig



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